The "America Only" agenda

I look at the world straight in the eye,
and tell it like it is!

This mRNA shot is a new technology and by definition not a vaccine. It has been proven to be ineffective and unsafe. We will work hard with real science to see if we can come up with treatments for all affected by the “vaccine” bio-weapon. 

All who perpetrated crimes against humanity will be rooted out and dealt with, including; hospitals, Pfizer, Johnson and Johnson, Moderna, Bill Gates, Fauci, and others.

Mandates: Mandates do not make law and must be ended. Protection is a personal choice, like owning a gun. I will propose legislation that will end unconstitutional mandates from ever violating our rights again. Part of the regulation will state, no business open to the public may ask you to wear anything that is beyond public decency laws, nor will any company be able to require any medical shots or procedures that would be considered medical advice on their employees.

We must take back control of our children’s future. I intend to accomplish this by:

  •  End political/social indoctrination, CRT, and inappropriate sexual content for all grades.
  • legislate for school choice. The ability to take your child’s allocated funds to whichever school you like. 
  • Eradicate teachers’ union.
  • Pay teachers more.
  • Hire more qualified candidates.
  • Make online viewing of classrooms available to all parents.

Without election integrity, we do not have a country. These politicians who believe you can “Impeach” a communist placed president are just using it for fundraising. If the lottery can figure out how to stop cheating/fraud, the government can too. They just don’t want to. The will of the people must be done! 

  • Ballots should be tied to drivers’ license numbers. 
  • Print drivers’ license number, voter registration number, and party affiliation on ballots.
  • No mail-in ballots other than military.
  • Remove voting machines.

January 6th: January 6th protestors are not criminals, yet are being held without charges. These patriots must be released. We are not a totalitarian state. Are we a communist country where you jail and silence your opponents? Capital Hill is owned BY THE PEOPLE. Government employees are public servants and Capitol Hill does not represent them, but the people….

Before pResident Biden we were oil exporters, and now he is begging Iran and Saudi Arabia for oil? This is insanity. We have some 500 years worth of oil and natural gas right here. We must open up the pipelines that Bien closed. Giving people more tax payer money only adds to inflation.

Uncontrolled immigration is bad for everyone, including legal immigrants. I will propose a moratorium on all immigration until we sort out our current problems. 

legislation to propose: 

  • Illegals will not benefit from Florida public systems. 
  • No welfare of any kind. 
  • Children of illegals will not be allowed to attend public school.
  • Companies who hire illegals, penalized. Three strikes and we close the business.

Citizenship: To be qualified for birthright citizenship in the United States, at least one parent should be a citizen. To become a citizen of the United states, you should have to speak English, pass stringent civics/US history exams and have something to offer our country more than being a welfare recipient with 6 children. US citizenship should be a privilege for foreigners as it used to be, and should not be given randomly.

Censorship on social media must be ended. It is my job to decide what is false or not. As for TV and corporate media, I will work hard to propose the 1948 Smith-Mundt Anti-Propaganda act is reinstated. The media should be trusted again. Propaganda and media lies are leading to the destruction of our Republic.

Personal income tax should be abolished and we should move to a flat sales tax. This would benefit those who spend the least. The more you buy, the more you pay. There will also be legislation for an added luxury tax for “high ticket” items. I will consult with top economists before I propose any legislation. Taxation without representation is theft. 

State level: Why should we all be suffering in the grocery stores and at the pump while the government is making more money with the hidden tax called inflation? We must pass legislation to cut sales tax to help offset this burden. 

Federal Reserve: Take America back to the gold standard and (abolish the “federal reserve” which is no more federal than Federal Express). 

The IRS: The government intends to spy on any transaction over 600 dollars. I will not allow any legislation for governmental agencies or anyone to spy on Americans. What I buy is my business, not yours. We have a right to privacy.

Small businesses built America, we must promote them, not big brand box stores. I will promote legislation that will ease the restrictions of business loans in Florida district 07, to promote small business growth. 

I will always stand against legislation that is repugnant to the Constitution. This document was written to limit the power of the government, not the people. It must be upheld to the letter. Our basic rights determine the quality of our lives.  

God: Without God we have no rights. This is why I will push for non-denominational prayer to be included (by choice) back into schools.

We must realize the war we are facing now is an evil ideology which is against any form of God other than the state. The removal of God has been an assault on the American family unit. All meant to fracture and devastate Western culture and society.

Second amendment: You can take my guns, from my cold dead hands. “Shall not be infringed” is pretty clear to me. I will always fight against any legislation that infringes on American rights. The second amendment was created to protect America from threats such as tyrannical governments. Our forefathers didn’t state “The deer are coming.” Upon taking office, one of my first pieces of legislation will be to remove Red Flag gun laws.

Law: We must give the law teeth again. Without sound and meaningful law, criminals run wild as they are allowed to do today. 

Corruption: We must not allow corruption to continue at any level of government. It must be rooted out and dealt with.

Political accountability: We will investigate all government officials to see who has interest in companies who perpetrated the covid-19 hoax. We must make politicians accountable for the harm they bring to the American people to enrich themselves. Politicians should be examples of the law, not above it. 

Lobbying: This is bribery, plain and simple. We must not allow corporations to make our laws or control our government with bribes.

We should build small housing complexes in every state to house our injured and homeless veterans. These are among the most important people in our society and should be cherished as such. Without them there is no freedom. I will propose legislation to stop foreign aid and redirect money to this cause. 

We must end our reliance on communist countries who hate our way of life and use our money to destabilize our country. We must enact tariffs on communist countries which are high enough to make American made products competitive. We must also bring industry back to not only America but to South America. When those people have opportunity in their native lands, they will not flood our country. 

Communists must be sought out and removed from our government and the education system. One of the biggest mistakes our government ever made was accepting communist countries currency as legitimate. This gave them the power to use our own money against us.

This should not a topic for debate. Convicted pedophiles should be thrown into a wood chipper. However, since that is not reasonable, I will support legislation for first time convictions to be castrated. There is no legitimate excuse to be a “kiddy diddler.” We cannot have judges who feel these criminals are being punished too hard. Pedophile sympathizers are pedophiles themselves. There is no grey area. 

foreign aid is a money laundering scheme and must be ended. Charity starts at home. No money should be given to any country while we have starving children and homeless veterans.

UN: The UN must be defund and we must get out of the CCP owned UN before they destroy our sovereignty.

NATO: NATO is just another form of dictatorial control to push the NWO agenda. 

 We will make sure this legislation is ended as it is nothing less than UN Agenda 21. We will not be subject to total digital control by a global government.

This is nothing more than another form of authoritarian domination of the people. Say no to a social economic credit score. 

I support the legitimate president, Donald J Trump and believe he should be reinstated as our rightful President. However, Trump needs to fight for January 6th patriots who are in prison without due process. They are being tortured and placed in solitary confinement while the criminal politicians who perpetrated the violence (if that’s what you can call it) roam free? Also, he needs to stop supporting the covid-19 “Vaccines.”

Only for American citizens.

Here’s the long and the short of how i see this topic:

I believe this drug should be fully legalized as alcohol or cigarettes. In fact, as drugs go, it is not as harmful as alcohol or tobacco.

We have cannabinoid receptors because the human body creates its own version of cannabis compounds called endocannabinoids which are like the body’s own tetrahydrocannabinol. THC is the primary psychoactive in the cannabis plant. Endocannabinoids are often left out of medical textbooks, yet they are of infinite importance for human heath. Endocannabinoids tap into the endocannabinoid system. The ECS is a neurotransmitter network that acts like a homeostatic regulator, which means they help maintain optimal balance in the body. (

 The only reason this medicine would be illegal is the fact that it is harmful to big pharma and other controlled substance company’s profits such as the alcohol industry. Studies have shown that, “The research, published in Drug and Alcohol Dependence, was able to take the data of hospital discharges between the years of 1997 and 2014 from 27 states. They homed in on those who had been released after either opioid dependence and abuse or overdoses, and found that in states that legalized cannabis for medical use, for every 1,000 patients discharged, the number of abuses fell by 23 percent, and the number of overdoses by 11 percent.”  ( 

No land in the United States should be owned by anyone who is not a citizen. I will propose legislation to make it illegal for foreign countries, foreign nationals, and corporations to own or purchase land in Florida. 

Government is not here to rule us, but to serve. The larger any government gets, the more power it exerts on its citizens. As with most people, they don’t bite the hand that feeds them. This is why politicians continue to grow the government, full-well knowing domination of every sector is their final goal. 

LGBT rights are human rights. They are the same rights any human enjoys; protected by the currently existing laws. Sexual orientation should not determine laws. That’s that.

Is this the moral path our society has taken to prove “equality”? This insanity must be ended. The science of X and Y chromosomes reinstated. What you identify as in your personal life is not my business, nor do I want it to be. However, biological males should not be competing against women. I am all for separate Trans leagues and events.  Let’s not allow the destruction of what women have worked so hard to accomplish. 

I know this is a hard topic and here’s my stance:

Abortion is immoral and wrong. I believe the right to
choose should start before conception. You can stay abstinent, use a condom, or many other types of contraception. I believe it’s both a man and a woman’s (even though I’m not qualified to say what they are) responsibility to be responsible. Unfortunately, we live in the blame
world. Nobody wants to take responsibility for anything they do.

 Let’s talk about the implications of the repealing of Roe v Wade. This does NOT make abortion illegal it only gives the power back to the states to decide. This is why our country was broken up into states in the first place, so people could go to where best represents them. Not that all states had to be identical, that’s not how FREEDOM works! Do we want to be free or be a “democratic” society? Even democracy isn’t democracy, it’s the 1% telling the 99%, “here are the 4 choices you get to pick 2 from, aren’t we your heroes?”

 I understand that even if you make it fully illegal it’s not going to stop people from getting them, and will create a black market. Since we have to come to a compromise on this topic, let’s start here:

 The left wants abortions until after birth. The right says no abortion, period. This is not reasonable on either side. Are we a free country or not? Once you start dictating how I’m required to live, I will do the same to you. Remember, everything is mutual. This ends poorly for all of us.

I believe certain circumstances an abortion is okay; rape, incest, and possible physical harm to the woman (cause only women can have children). The fact that she has to get an abortion will be a mental stain on her forever anyway (if she has a soul).

 I don’t believe abortion should be a substitute for birth control, by any means. If I could have it my way, here’s what the landscape would look like:

·      Legislation to take Florida from 15 weeks to 8 weeks other than extenuating circumstances.

·      The payment for abortion would be your responsibility, other than for the extenuating circumstances.

·      The fetus would be treated as humanely as possible.

·      Baby parts would not be sold.

·      Contraception should be free. 

·      Limit to how many abortions one may have in their life.

 I also see other angles to this very complicated subject. Many say “adoption”, which would be great, but how many have you adopted? Meanwhile we have many children in foster care, too many to get adopted. Many live miserable lives as they are only a paycheck for
some people. Many are abused mentally, physically, and sexually. Not even
talking about how many “disappear” altogether. Is that a fair life for them?

I have a hard enough time controlling myself, I damn sure don’t want to try to control you too. I don’t want to see America slip down the slope of totalitarianism which is what any other form of government becomes that doesn’t allow freedom. Besides, at the end of the day, what you do will be judged by God.

Here are my findings:

This worldwide initiative began talks in March of 2021. Other talks are scheduled for later this year, culminating in procedures being put in place for a 2024 rollout.

This is nothing more than a global takeover by the IHR, WHO, and UN. “As an international instrument, the IHR was created to prevent and respond to acute public health emergencies that have the potential to cross borders and threaten people worldwide, precisely like COVID-19.”

Just like Covid-19, huh? So, manufactured viruses for a manufactured plandemic to dominate the people. They are quite clear what is represented in their preliminary proposal.  “The IHR provides the WHO with the authority to collect surveillance data and to issue recommendations on trade and travel advisories to control the spread of infectious diseases.” That’s right, “surveillance”, which is not limited to just data, but every aspect of your life.

The good news; the USA might not take part in it. However, that doesn’t matter. If enough countries do support this plan, unity between them may force the US into poverty like never seen before. This is what you get for a “global” community.

Stating later, “Funding for WHO (and a number of other UN agencies) also remains insufficient.” So, where do you think they are going to get the money to make them sufficient? Of course, they will drain all participating countries.

Later in the article it speaks of the WHO ad their “constitutional authority”, which made me curious what that’s all about. “Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.” Meaning they plan to dominate the physical, mental, and social aspects of your life, including dictating what you are obligated to put into your body.

By saying “I’m not a fan”, I’m saying I don’t believe he goes far enough in protecting Floridians from government overreach.

Let’s go back to the beginning of Covid. When President Trump touted Hydroxychloroquine, DeSantis was silent while granting protection to hospitals that use Remdesivir and Ventilator which harmed/killed patients. Now this drug (Hydroxychloroquine) along with others that were mocked, are found to have great efficacy. Forward to the 2020 Election, DeSantis said nothing about the blatant theft of the 2020 election by “the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics” -Joe Biden. This is the point where I began to question DeSantis.

  1. In 2018, “Red Flag gun law” became a Florida statute. This legislation provides for the removal of your rights without due-process, all because government personnel deems you to be a threat.
  2. August 8th 2019, DeSantis backs “Red Flag” gun laws, basically eliminating due process thus eroding our rights even further.

  1. May 31, 2019, FL HB 741, supposed antisemitism bill. First off, I do not believe that there is or should be a limit on ANY speech. Either we have freedom of speech or we have none at all. Just one bill which limits speech leads down a slippery slope of total control. Today, you cannot say anything bad about one group, tomorrow anything you say that someone doesn’t like becomes a crime. I will say, after reading the actual text of the bill, it has literally nothing to do with antisemitism, and is yet just another fabulous headline for people to get behind, to make people believe he is for the protection of the Jewish people.

Here is what the State of Florida has to say in regards to this bill.

Here is the actual bill:  

  1. January of 2021, DeSantis went on TV and told Floridians to get the unapproved, experimental covid-19 “vaccines.” I don’t believe any politician should use the trust of the people to sway them into making medical decisions. He also allowed lockdowns, and mandates for a virus with only a .04% mortality rate.
  1. July 1st 2021, SB 1884 Banning local gun regulations is enacted. It is great, but still doesn’t address the “Red Flag” gun laws that are on the books.
  1. FL HB 1557 does not protect all children K-12, but only up to 3rd Protecting children of all ages from inappropriate sexual content should be one of our main goals. Let kids be kids! Our children are the most important resource, and will determine morality for all generations to come.
  1. February 21, 2022, FL SB 7014 & 72 which is a renewal of 7014: This bill gives protection to everyone involved with covid-19, all hospitals, pharmacies, and anyone who administered these unapproved, untested shots. Also, affording companies who forced their employees to get the shots, protection from lawsuits.
  1. I would also like to address Florida statute 381.00315. I believe if Mr. DeSantis was about protecting the people of Florida, he would have eradicated this egregious violation of our rights. Sections of this statute reads as follows:

(4.) Ordering an individual to be examined, tested, vaccinated, treated, isolated, or quarantined for communicable diseases that have significant morbidity or mortality and present a severe danger to public health. Individuals who are unable or unwilling to be examined, tested, vaccinated, or treated for reasons of health, religion, or conscience may be subjected to isolation or quarantine.

  1. Examination, testing, vaccination, or treatment may be performed by any qualified person authorized by the State Health Officer.
  2. If the individual poses a danger to the public health, the State Health Officer may subject the individual to isolation or quarantine. If there is no practical method to isolate or quarantine the individual, the State Health Officer may use any means necessary to vaccinated or treat the individual.


All in all, maybe DeSantis is getting bad advice, or maybe there are other more malicious factors at play. Time will reveal the truth. When the media start proclaiming someone to be their sweetheart, that’s when I start doubting said person. The media has lied to us about everything for at least the last two years; why would I trust them now?

It seems like the establishment is grooming him as the Trump replacement. As we all know there is only one Donald J. Trump.  I believe they favor DeSantis, not only because there is no other choice for Florida, but because he plays well within the establishment. Personally, I don’t care about the establishment or the media, but rather what is best for the people of Florida. This is why I am critical of most politician

This organization is evil and must be dissolved. We cannot let one of the largest child trafficking organizations go unchecked. 

Please watch “These little ones.” This video makes me sick. Link below